Jordan Pruitt #Metoo to get famous?

I saw an article today… “Former Disney Star, Jordan Pruitt says she was sexually abused”

Instead of reading the article, I made my way to her twitter page, through the links of world wide web and landed on her Facebook page where she initially wrote about her abuse… to share with the world.

To. Share. With. The. World. <<< (that's important)

When I was 15 I got into the really bad habit of reading all the nasty comments on the “all telling” news articles about my own abuser. As soon as I saw these on the article about Jordan Pruitt, I decided if her own words were available, I’d rather hear from her. So I found them.

Not before seeing the common consensus though. You ready for this?

Jordan Pruitt must need more money. She MUST not feel famous enough. She must be putting excruciating details of her life out there in public because she hit a plateau in her career… or perhaps she is making it up?!

While reading Jordan’s post, the raw post before any media combed through it, she tells of a story that sounds insanely similar to mine. We were the same age. We were groomed, and we were groomed well. We were unable to reach the point of truth when our family came into save us. We lied, and we were good at it… for awhile. We were conditioned…. (for the people in the back) WE WERE CONDITIONED to believe that This. Was. Okay. We were manipulated into believing that this thing, this ugly, dirty thing that was happening, was our new normal and we just needed to deal with it. It was expected. We were taught to hide it well, and so we did. We smiled. We went on. We pretended. We did ALL of this while withdrawing from people to that they wouldn’t get too close to see the secret lurking behind us. We kept the facade until we just couldn’t possibly anymore.

Then years later, after therapy, after some healing, after learning our worth… we wrote about it online.

Why on earth?

Well. For me, there are a lot of reasons. I recently embarked on a massive uphill battle to make a difference in my community, in my state, to prevent, educate, and advocate for sexual abuse survivors. I have high goals and I work every day to make the needed connections and gain the momentum to be able to reach more people, make my name and mission known, so that I can start acting on these big, life changing, history making goals. 2019 will be an insane year y’all.

Simultaneously, I wrote about it for that one girl, crying in front of her screen, hiding her secrets or not knowing what to do because in real time- she is in any one of the given moments of my story and finds herself able to relate. Whether she is currently suffering from abuse, just recently came to grips with the abuse, working to heal from the abuse or otherwise- I hope “that girl” knows she has a friend in me, one that will never turn her away.

That ONE girl would be worth my story being public. It could save her from so many possible things that she might turn to instead.

Likewise, in the raw post, Jordan says nearly the exact same thing. She also says she is happy and content in life and soaring by the side of her friends and family. But she reaches out to other victims so that these dark places become exposed. She shines the light and uses her voice to make a difference and help another.

And she did. Her twitter blew up with people responding and thanking her for being in the light and being brave and empowering them to feel better.

She. Told. The. World. in hopes that among the survivors, she can lend a hand and make others feel heard. She told the world what she, no doubt, considers the most embarrassing, ugly parts of her life and I can say with confidence- that it wasn’t for a single dime. This form of abuse, or any form for that matter, isn’t worth all the money in the world. It doesn’t go away. It’s there every single day.

She made me feel heard and I, too, have already “went public”. The difference is- she has over one hundred thousand followers and made national news. That doesn’t mean her motives are any different.
I hope to one day have half as many followers (I’m still laughably new at this whole Twitter thing), not that I have a single talent to make me famous… I’ll keep using my voice to share my story, to reach my goals to prevent this. To work with community members, school officials, legislators, the media, and anyone else who will listen because THAT is how we stop this problem. It isn’t for money. It isn’t for fame or attention. It’s because, like Jordan (so very much like Jordan), I was abused at 15 by someone who was able to control me in a way that I could not understand then. It’s because right now, there are thousands more just like me and just like Jordan.
This. Has. To. End.

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