“Hang Them Up In Town Square”

There it was- “Franklin Man Charged With Child Molesting”

Another predator, sitting in jail, some nine months after the abuse, waiting bail.

I saw the article shared on Facebook and like always – I saw the comments.

“Make a spectacle of them in town square, that would make them think first.”

…Maybe it would. For like a second.

Guys, this is where we have to change the narrative. Predators aren’t predators because the law allows them to be.

I’ll stop right here for just a second and tell you that you will not find anyone who believes that laws need to be stronger and predators need to be brought to justice more than me – except maybe my husband.

But I am telling you, with certainty, that no amount of punishment will make a predator not be a predator or discontinue his predatory behavior.

We also need to take into account that we have a very broken system, especially in Indiana. Our sentencing lengths are mild, at best, and our plea deals are certainly forgiving. There are so many other factors to gauge where crime and punishment are concerned- overcrowded jails, defendant’s rights, and money, just to name a few. Right or wrong- taking our Code from where it is now to anything near where it “should” be, will take time, determination, and a whole lot more community outcry.

Here is what we CAN do today, right now, all over. Here is how we CAN help TODAY.


Did you read it and soak it in?? ED-U-CA-TION

When we know better, we do better. When you know the signs of abuse to look for, when you know not only how to report but the basic fact that by law, you and every other person is REQUIRED to report any child abuse – we start seeing the problem for how big and scary it is.

It makes you step back and then, hopefully, you step forward in a new direction – provoking change, provoking impact.

Stop looking at the predators – voicing your opinion and looking away.

Start looking at the victims, and figure out how you protect them and future generations by learning, by teaching others, and by educating children that it is ALWAYS okay to tell. Teach them safe and unsafe touches. Teach them that their body is THEIRS and they are always allowed to say no to anything that makes them feel icky or uncomfortable.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I beg you to act now before realizing how big of a secret issue this really is – before your child is harmed.

“It won’t happen to us, my kid knows”

Maybe you’re right. Maybe it won’t. Lord, I pray, it doesn’t.

But it did happen to me. And I did know. I KNEW.

Don’t know where to start, but ready to pay attention?

Join us. Join our Impact. Let’s make a difference. Let’s raise our voices for those who can’t.

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