Lauren’s Kids is a nonprofit organization in Florida whose mission is very similar to Strive to Make an Impact’s mission. Lauren’s Kid’s founded Safer Smarter Schools, a curriculum developed to empower kids and teach them that they have the ability to protect themselves. This curriculum was developed by Lauren Book M.S. Ed, a sexual abuse survivor, along with a team of career educators, and a developmental psychologist.

Safer Smarter Schools includes five to eight, 30 minute age-appropriate lessons for grades Pre-k through Grade 12 and also provides a special education curriculum. This curriculum was designed to help meet existing educational requirements in areas such as social studies, theatre, visual art, health education, and reading/language arts, while also equipping students with critical safety information. It is a total body safety curriculum.

Safer Smarter Schools is proven to have a 77% learning gain in students’ personal safety information. Working together with students, parents, and teachers, this curriculum arms children with tools such as the safety stop sign, “I mean business” voice, a trusted triangle, and the language kids need to better protect themselves from abuse.

During interactive lessons, students are taught to identify “safe” and “unsafe” situations, people, and secrets based on how each of these things make them feel. In older grades, issues adolescents face in relationships with peers and adults are discussed such as balance of power, enforcing boundaries, and the grooming process.

Because this curriculum is evidence based and spans all grade levels, it completely satisfies Indiana’s recently passed law IC 20-19-3-11 regarding sexual abuse curriculum.

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